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Some areas along the Texas coast and a large inland area may experience upwards of 25″ of rain.  This storm is huge and Harvey could reach Category 3 status by land fall sometime early Saturday morning 8/26/2017.   This is a life threatening storm and evacuations are taking place today Thursday 8/245/2017.   Some forecast models are in the range of up to 40″ of rain.

Once Hurricane Harvey makes land fall it will slow down.  Torrential rains could go into next week.

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Call (866)- 808-6707 Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

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This video is from a public adjuster for insurance claims.  This is the person you need to call if you feel your insurance company is not covering things they should or just about any other question you may have.  Water damage loss can involve many details and you certainly want to make sure you get all your suppose to get for any loss including fire damage, sewer backup, flooding from rain or rivers, busted pipes, overflowing or leaking dishwashers and washing machines.


How to Prevent A Water Damage Cypress TX

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Call 866- 808-6707 This is a great video for all home owners who want to prevent a water damage.  Following the advice in this video could save you thousands of dollars and untold heartache from getting your home back restored from a water damage loss.

Following these few maintenance suggestions is the best insurance for any homeowner to do.  Take the time, just 30 minutes a year could save you a bundle.  Check all water areas in your home including the commode, bathtub, sinks, faucets, laundry machines and laundry lines.   Check all your hoses on your washer and dryer to make sure they do not have any bubbles or cracks.  Replace rubber hoses about once every 5 years.

Water pressure over 80 lbs is too much and could be ticking time bomb.   If you have a water leak, do you know where the water shut off valve is located?  This could be the difference in a small water damage that needs an extraction or the whole house gets flooded resulting in ruined wet carpets, furniture, walls, insulation, cabinets, and baseboards.



How To Get Rid of Pet Odors With Vinegar

Water Damage or Carpet Cleaning? Call 866- 808-6707

Pet Odors can be hard to detect by the owners because we become accustomed to the odor living in the same house with our pets everyday.   If you have Pets in the home be sure to ask a friend how your home smells.   If there are any odors the first thing to do is determine where they are coming from.  A professional Carpet Cleaning Company can find pet urine by using an ultraviolet light or a sensor that detects trace amounts of salt left in carpet from urine whether it is pet or human urine.


Water Storm Flood Damage Clean Up Houston Cypress TX

Water Damage or Carpet Cleaning? Call 866- 808-6707

Aycox Restoration & Cleaning offers a complete service restoration specializing in  Water, Storm, Flood Damage, Clean Up in Houston and Cypress TX areas.   We have over 30 years experience in restoration mitigation services.  We know how much stress a water damage can cause and that is where we can help lessen the pain by expediting the restoration process.

Whether your home or business is affected by storms, flooding busted pipes, appliance leaks or overflows, bathtub overflows, sewer backups, or any other water damage we want to help get things back to normal.

The faster you call the better your chances are at saving water damaged items.   Waiting too long can cause warping, peeling, and cracking of wood materials, not to mention the damage to other valuables if you wait too long.

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Water Damage- How Far Is It Wet?

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After securing the premises one of the first thing a professional restoration expert wants to do is find out how far has the water traveled?  Starting at the source of the water damage the professional restorer must determine how far the water has migrated in every direction.   Next, he determines what types of materials have moisture from the water damage.   He would check sub flooring, type of carpet and underlay or padding, what type of wall construction, is there any insulation and if so what type.   All the affected materials are compared cost to restore verses replacement.    Can the materials be restored to their original condition and if not, they would be replaced?  Can the materials be restored for less than replacement?   Does the homeowner want to replace anyway?  Does the insurance cover 100% replacement?

Three factors will help in the decision.  1. Degree of contamination.   2.  Damage to the Item.   3.  Replacement cost versus restoration cost.   So, the restorer needs to identify the material, degree of contamination, damage to the item, and replacement cost versus restoration cost.  Some materials require more aggressive means to dry because they have slight reversible damage.   Drying in place means that the wet surfaces are dried with little or no manipulation.

To help in the drying process items that cannot be dried or decontaminated or if the item is of low value would be removed so the rest of the drying process would not be hindered.   Items in this category would include removal of surface or finish materials for example sheet goods, wallpaper, wallboard.   This is referred to as disruptive because the materials have to be removed.


The items that can be restored are inspected several times throughout the drying process by documenting how much moisture remains.   If the material is not drying more aggressive means may be in order such as removal.

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The Importance of Fast Response in Water Damage Mitigation

There are many problems direct and indirect that is caused when water or moisture enters a building.   In any structure there are elements that support microbial growth.  The number one ingredient to initiate this growth and start a destructive sequence of microbial growth is the presence of too much moisture.  If too much moisture is present, this causes the microorganisms to rapidly multiply and the result is structural deterioration along with many other unwelcome problems like unpleasant odors, potentially serious health issues for the occupants.   When a water loss happens, the main factor to determine how much damage will result is the amount of time the structure has the excess amount of moisture.  Therefore, the most critical course of action is fast response to extract the excess water and start the drying process.  If you need fast response for a water damage restoration in your home or business call our emergency number

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