Aycox Restoration & Cleaning Water Damage Corpus Christi TX

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Freda from Riverbed Courts Comment on Emergency Water Extraction

"When the flood hit San Marcos, TX we called Aycox Restoration & Cleaning to help us with 4 of our residential homes and also our office. The helped us through a difficult time and we recommend their services. They also do carpet cleaning and pet odor treatments for all our rental properties."


Disasters, Hurricanes, Floods

Aycox Restoration & Cleaning is Ready

Floods from hurricanes, rains, overflowing rivers and busted pipes are daily subjects throughout the world.   Some homes and business are damaged beyond repair and need to be rebuilt.   If your home has mild to medium damage and can be restored by a water damage restoration company, we would like to be chosen by you.
* During a disaster response times increase.


Water Extraction Flooded Carpets,

Aycox Restoration & Cleaning has been drying structures for over 30 years,  including inland flooding, hurricanes, torrential rains or any other disaster event needing cleaned and dried.

We are the Disaster Erasers, and that means your home or business will be dryed using the latest remediation techniques available.  Servicing all  Victoria, TX, Texas, Bloomington, Port Lavaca, Point Confort, Indianola, Port O'Connor, Seadrift, TX, Texas areas.

Water Damage Caused By Flooding rivers and Storms,

It is a terrible thing  to view hundreds of neighborhoods that have been flooded and see all there possessions, along with Sheetrock, carpet and padding piled up in the street as a result of flood waters, rising rivers, busted pipes, hurricanes, or tropical storms.     100's of flood restoration companies on every street to take care of their flood disaster.   Storms ruin just about everything including carpets, ruined furniture, damages walls, flooded vehicles, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures, cabinets and sometimes loss of life.

Before the disaster strikes, check your insurance and make sure you are covered for flood insurance.   You will probably need to get a separate insurance policy to insure flood waters, that is flood from storms, rising waters and overflowing rivers?  You have to ask for flood coverage and pay extra for covering your possessions from flood damage.


Go to the store when you first here there may be a storm or flooding and get plenty of water, food that will not perish easily, flashlights, batteries, medications, important papers and other things you may need to survive.

Flood waters carry all kinds of diseases and bacterial that can kill you so, If you have to evacuate do not touch the flood waters.   Leptospirosis comes from feces and urine of rodents.

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