How to Prevent A Water Damage Cypress TX

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Call 866- 808-6707 This is a great video for all home owners who want to prevent a water damage.  Following the advice in this video could save you thousands of dollars and untold heartache from getting your home back restored from a water damage loss.

Following these few maintenance suggestions is the best insurance for any homeowner to do.  Take the time, just 30 minutes a year could save you a bundle.  Check all water areas in your home including the commode, bathtub, sinks, faucets, laundry machines and laundry lines.   Check all your hoses on your washer and dryer to make sure they do not have any bubbles or cracks.  Replace rubber hoses about once every 5 years.

Water pressure over 80 lbs is too much and could be ticking time bomb.   If you have a water leak, do you know where the water shut off valve is located?  This could be the difference in a small water damage that needs an extraction or the whole house gets flooded resulting in ruined wet carpets, furniture, walls, insulation, cabinets, and baseboards.