The Importance of Fast Response in Water Damage Mitigation

There are many problems direct and indirect that is caused when water or moisture enters a building.   In any structure there are elements that support microbial growth.  The number one ingredient to initiate this growth and start a destructive sequence of microbial growth is the presence of too much moisture.  If too much moisture is present, this causes the microorganisms to rapidly multiply and the result is structural deterioration along with many other unwelcome problems like unpleasant odors, potentially serious health issues for the occupants.   When a water loss happens, the main factor to determine how much damage will result is the amount of time the structure has the excess amount of moisture.  Therefore, the most critical course of action is fast response to extract the excess water and start the drying process.  If you need fast response for a water damage restoration in your home or business call our emergency number

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