What Is Microbial Contamination in Water Damage?

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What Is Microbial Contamination?

When it comes to our health this Microbial contamination should be a concern to us all.  All homes and businesses have some kind of moisture problem at point in time and who of us has not had a water damage disaster restoration company at our home?  So many questions arise, like what is microbial contamination?  What are the proper steps to get rid of a microbial contamination?  Can Microbial contamination be a health concern issue? Microbial contamination including mold, bacterial and how these should be remediated.

It is important to take the proper steps to remediate any microbial contamination. First identify and stop the source of moisture contamination.  Second, establish a negative air system to remove airborne particles.  Third, Remove contaminated building materials.  Forth, clean all surfaces in the contaminated building.  Fifth, dry the affected areas.  Sixth, conduct post-remediation evaluation.

Over the past centuries we have learned that keeping structures clean and sanitary resulted in better health for the occupants.  A contaminated building can and will cause adverse health effects.  There are many types of contaminates that can affect buildings.  The most dangerous to our health is microbial contamination or mold.  The word microbial is defined as being very small.  A microbial organism is defined as that which is too small to be seen by the naked eye.  These microbes cannot be seen without magnification, using a microscope, or similar device.  Microbial contamination can come from any sources, such as: an outside water intrusion, a flooded building, or from a sewer loss, water damage from busted water pipes.  Other sources of contamination include fecal matter from a bat or pigeon infestation, decaying animal remains in an attic or wall, and other such sources.

If your home or business has moisture from some kind of water damage you could be at risk for microbial contamination.  Call an expert if you need help with any water extraction or water damage cleanup  serving Houston, Cypress, Humble, Spring, Tomball, Katy, The Woodlands,  or visit our website at

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